Celebrate love with Tiska Catering.

Celebrating love is one of the most precious moments a person can have. From birthdays to baby showers, from weddings to anniversaries, from office celebrations to division achievements, there’s nothing more important than celebrating one’s special moment with perfect culinary served by professionals.

Tiska Catering is a one-stop service all your love celebration needs. We create the best taste family heritage recipes and serve them with a standard process to ensure their quality and taste consistency.

The first catering service supervised by a nutrition doctor

Tiska Catering is the first catering service that is supervised by a nutrition doctor. One of our share holders, dr. Laksmi Dewayani M.Gizi, SpGK is a certified nutrition doctor, who directly supervise all cooking process in the kitchen. She is in fact, personally involved in developing new recipes and ensure the food standard meet the health and hygiene requirements.

Traditional to International menus

As a business with continuous innovations and creativity, Tiska Catering also provides clients with a wide range of international menus together with our traditional recipes. From potatoes and ribs, pasta, and variations of pudding and salad, Tiska Catering fuse these international meals with satay or grilled goat, to be paired with fried rice or from choices of oriental cuisine such as dim sum and fried noodle.

Sampling to Our Kitchen

We understand that clients may have different taste buds. To us, flavor is the main focus which is why our kitchen doors are always open for those who want to try our delicious cuisine.

dr. Laksmi Dewayani M.Gizi, SpGK